Australian Energy Emissions Monitor - February 2022

Photo: Shutterstock Coal fired power plant
14 February 2022

Welcome to the second issue of the Australian Energy Emissions Monitor, which is a bi-monthly publication of the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions. The publication provides a timely analysis of the most recent trends in energy related greenhouse gas emissions, and is intended as a service to Australia’s energy community.

This issue includes a factorisation of reductions in emissions since 2008, which shows that two thirds of the reductions are due to the change in the generation mix on the grid, mostly substituting coal fired power with wind and solar power. One quarter of the emissions reductions are attributable to increased rooftop solar. Only 4% of emissions reductions are due to a fall in electricity use.

This issue also includes a detailed examination of month by month consumption of electricity, gas and petroleum fuels in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland over the past four years.

The aim of the Monitor is to estimate and report on Australia’s energy combustion emissions as soon as reasonably possible after data sufficient to do so becomes publicly available.

Download the Australian Energy Emissions Monitor February 2022