ANU announces its ambitious plan to zero in on carbon emissions by 2030

A photograph of someone on a bike at the ANU Acton campus.
10 May 2021

Free parking for electric vehicles and offering vegetarian or vegan food as the default food option are just two of the measures the Australian National University (ANU) is considering in its plan to become the first university in Australia to reduce greenhouse emissions to below zero by 2030.

The ANU’s bold plan, ANU Below Zero, also sets an interim target of net-zero emissions by 2025 as a stepping stone to achieving negative emissions. The university estimates it produces more than 55,000 tonnes of CO2 in a typical year, mainly through work travel and natural gas use.

The initiative sets out a plan to reduce all indirect emissions from the procurement of goods and services and commuter travel as rapidly as possible, based on international best-practice for the university sector.

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