The Technology Investment Roadmap: Carbon Capture and Use as an emerging technology

Click the play button to watch A person's hand, with a finger pointing to a green hexagon on a screen with the CO2 sign written underneath a downwards pointing arrow - indicating a decrease in carbon dioxide. Around this are other hexagons with words such as 'sustainable development'.

Removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is a vital component of climate action if we are to limit global temperature rise to below 2⁰C. Two methods of achieving this are Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Carbon Capture and Use (CCU), which involves using CO2 emissions to manufacture valuable products. Whilst the Federal Government’s recently released Technology Investment Roadmap names CCS as one of five priority technologies, CCU is labelled as an emerging technology and largely ignored.

Join us at this event to hear from Dr Célia Julia Sapart from CO2 Value Europe, John Beever, Chair of CO2 Value Australia, and Professor Wojciech Lipinski, College of Engineering, ANU, on how CCU technologies are being developed and adopted in Europe and Australia, and what benefits CCU could bring to Australia.

This event will comprise of short presentations followed by audience Q&A.

This events will be recorded. The recording will be made available after the event through the ANU Climate Change Institute YouTube channel.

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