RCNNDA Workshop #4 - Health and Disasters: A Hypothetical Discussion

Hashtag for 2021: strategic imagination (term within the Royal Commission) reminds us of the need to imagine what we haven’t seen before to best prepare for our future. It’s a new climate not just a new temperature.

This health-oriented workshop aims to:

  1. Provoke strategic ideas and response from health practitioners and health systems to adequately prepare and foster adaptation response for the changing climate; and
  2. Identify tools that might be useful for strategic health planning within the system.

This session is an online event, open to the public and featuring a panel of invited experienced health practitioners and researchers as speakers to discuss a future scenario. This hypothetical scenario will prompt questions and discussion about individual and community health as well as health system response centred around risk of natural disasters in our changing climate.

Panel Members:

Dr Kim Loo - General Practitioner in western Sydney; Chair of NSW Branch of Doctors for the Environment

Kate Charlesworth - Public Health Physician; Member of the Climate Council

Kimberly Humphrey - Emergency  Medicine Physician, South Australia; Deputy Chair of Doctors For the Environment

Iain Walker - School Director, Research School of Psychology, ANU College of Health and Medicine


10am-10:20am – Introduction including a short climate science and health perspective talk

10:20am-11:10am – Panel Discussion

11:10am-11:40am – Q&A with the audience

11:40am-12noon – Concluding summary & take-away messages for attendees

This session will be recorded and made publicly available

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