Environmental policy analytics and support for environmental decision-making: an agenda for innovation

Developing effective environmental policy and management is challenging due to high levels of complexity, uncertainty and conflict inherent in these processes.

This includes the conflict over preferred directions for ‘sustainable’ development and coupled human and environmental futures under different scenarios of climate change and global population.

There are now significant quantities of data and knowledge on the environment and in recent decades many scientists, analysts and businesses have worked to transform this data into research and services, employing a range of analytics or tools and methods that can be drawn upon to inform decision-making processes.

Despite rapid uptake and focus in the business sector of analytics to advance their place in the market, there has been more modest interest in the public sector where the most important decisions on policies affecting aspects of the environment are arguably made.

This forum seeks to explore the value of a focus on environmental ‘policy analytics’ for improving public policy and decision-making processes related to the environment and sustainability. It brings together leading researchers, thinkers and practitioners on the topic, in order to develop an agenda for innovation and future collaboration in the area.

Download the full programme for Environmental Policy Analytics and Support for Environmental Decision-Making:  An Agenda for Innovation (PDF, 543KB)


  • Prof Alexis Tsoukias, Director of CNRS-LAMSADE, Université Paris Dauphine (PSL)
  • Prof Mark Howden, Director of the ANU Climate Change Institute Prof Sylvie Thiebaux, College of Engineering and Computer Science, ANU
  • Prof Roger Bradbury, National Security College, ANU
  • Dr Rebecca Colvin, ANU Climate Change Institute
  • Prof Tony Jakeman, Director of the Centre for Integrated Assessment and Management, Fenner School, ANU
  • Assoc Prof Jamie Pittock, Director of International Programs, UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance, Fenner School, ANU
  • Prof Peter Coombes, University of Swinburne and Director of Urban Water Cycle Solutions
  • Dr Daniel Connell, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU
  • Dr Timothy Graham, Research School of Social Sciences and Research School of Computer Sciences, ANU
  • Dr Matthew Colloff, Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU
  • Dr Katherine Daniell, Fenner School of Environment and Society and European Research Development Manager, ANU