Energy Conversations: Renewable hydrogen

A digitally illustrated image of a blue background, with little white circles with hydrogen pumps in them, and lines connecting them all into a network.

Renewable hydrogen has been making headlines globally this year, as it becomes an increasingly viable replacement for fossil fuels, and offers Australia a potential new export industry.

Researchers at The Australian National University have been making headway in both the production of renewable hydrogen, and the safe storage and transport of it in large quantities.

How close are we to large-scale use of renewable hydrogen? What will this look like, and what are the implications for Australia?

Join us to hear a panel of energy researchers and industry representatives give their perspectives on the prospects for renewable hydrogen, followed by a Q&A session.

This event provides a forum for conversations between different parts of the local energy sector about emerging research and technology.

This event will not be recorded.


The following short presentations will kick off the discussion –

Professor Yun Liu: Head of the Functional Materials Research Group, ANU Research School of Chemistry

Presentation title: Liquid Organic Hydrogen Storage Technology: challenge, opportunity and its potential role in hydrogen energy industrial chain

Prof Yun Liu will discuss the need for hydrogen storage and introduce technologies for large scale safe hydrogen storage at ambient temperatures. She will outline the cooperation with industry and local government that enabled a recently commenced project on the industrial development of ANU hydrogen storage technology. The project is planning to be concluded with our first commercial demonstration of LOHS at the Hydrogen Refuelling station in Canberra.


Associate Prof Yuerui Lu: ARC DECRA Fellow; ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science

Presentation title: Hydrogen Storage in Emerging Layered Materials

Stable and low-cost hydrogen storage and transportation are cornerstones of a global hydrogen economy. In this talk, Assoc Prof Yuerui Lu will introduce a novel hydrogen storage technology based on highly pressurised nano-bubbles in layered materials. It will cover the fundamental knowledge of the interactions between hydrogen and layered materials. The new material system might enable a hydrogen storage technology that exhibits a remarkable energy density, high stability and low cost, making hydrogen energy a more accessible and sustainable clean energy source for Australia.


Toby Roxburgh: Australian Institute of Energy

Presentation title: Delivering hydrogen heavy vehicles (Buses and Trucks) in 2022: What is happening in Australia and New Zealand?


Other panellists –

• Ed Gaykema: ActewAGL

• David Santo Tomas: Global Power Generation

• James Dunlop: ActewAGL/Illuminat


Moderator - Dr Igor Skryabin, Research and Business Development Manager (Energy), ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions


This event is hosted by the Australian Institute of Energy and the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions.


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