Overcoming fossil fuel resistance to climate action: Lessons from the US

Despite mounting evidence of a climate crisis, some fossil fuel industries continue to resist action. Indeed it is impossible to imagine a clean energy revolution occurring without overcoming the political opposition from oil, gas and coal industries that have generated great wealth from burning fossil fuels.

In this public lecture, Dr Christian Downie asks what can be done? Based on his latest book, which draws on close to 100 hundred interviews with senior executives and lobbyists in the fossil fuel and renewable industries in the United States, he identifies strategies for policymakers and activists looking to enact clean energy policies, including how divisions within and between fossil fuel industries can be exploited to build coalitions for climate action.

This talk will be followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A with two leading thinkers on climate change politics in Australia:

  • Pat Conroy MP, Shadow Minister Assisting for Climate Change
  • Kelly O'Shanassy, CEO, Australian Conservation Foundation

The event will be moderated by Prof Mark Howden, Director, ANU Climate Change Institute.

Christian Downie's book is Business Battles in the US Energy Sector: lessons for a clean energy transition.