Australian Energy Emissions Monitor December 2022

Australian Energy Emissions Monitor is a bi-monthly publication of the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions, providing timely analysis of the most recent trends in energy related greenhouse gas emissions. The publication is intended as a service to Australia’s energy community.

The December edition of the Australian Energy Emissions Monitor consists of three sections. The first is an update of total emissions arising from consumption of electricity, gas and petroleum products in the five states of eastern Australia. The second looks more closely at month by month consumption of energy in each mainland National Electricity Market (NEM) state. The third is a response to the government's recent decision to sign on to the Global Methane Pledge by presenting graphs of sectoral source trends in Australia's methane emission since 2005.

Download the December Australian Energy Emissions Monitor.

Download the data spreadsheet from the December 2022 Australian Energy Emissions Monitor.