Disaster Solutions for NEMA (28-30 May 2024)

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28-30 May 2024 online professional short course for NEMA staff

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report warns that climate-change impacts—hazards such as bushfires, drought and flooding—are becoming more frequent and more intense, damaging nature, people and infrastructure. Yet measures to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to these climate-fuelled hazards are coming far too slow. Even if greenhouse-gas emissions stop tomorrow, the impacts of climate change will continue to increase due to past emissions. Under a relatively optimistic low-emissions scenario, the cost of natural disasters in Australia is estimated to grow to $73 billion annually by 2060.

With every new bushfire and flood, Australia is spending more on disaster recovery. Now, we need to learn how to prepare for—and not just recover from—natural disasters.

This course is delivered by the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions (ICEDS) and brings together leading researchers affiliated with The Australian National University to share the latest research and discuss disaster solutions.


This Disaster Solutions professional short course provides participants with an understanding of the trajectory of disasters, how Australia and the world are responding to this escalating trend, and the need for going beyond incremental thinking to find transformative solutions for disaster risk reduction (DRR). The course explores the impacts of climate change on disasters, systems thinking for Disaster Risk Reduction, the relationship of Disaster Risk Reduction with climate change adaptation, financing for disaster solutions, and the challenges and opportunities in enabling disaster solutions.




    • The course is delivered online, in real-time.
    • The course program includes six lectures on disaster risk reduction, resilience and climate change, and group discussions to enable direct interaction with lecturers and other course participants.
    • A short break punctuates each session and there is allocated discussion time with lecturers.
    • Course timings are between 9.30am - 1.00pm each day (AEST).


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