The future is now: how the ocean can help us solve the climate crisis

An aerial photograph of the ocean, underneath a clear blue sky.
29 July 2021

The upcoming sixth assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that even prolonged warming of 1.5°C could produce progressively serious, centuries-long and, in some cases, irreversible consequences. It states that “the worst is yet to come, affecting our children’s and grandchildren’s lives much more than our own.”

In response, Australian researchers have joined efforts to investigate how the ocean’s immense potential for atmospheric carbon dioxide removal can be harnessed to reduce the impacts of climate change. Collaborating within the “thinktank” CIRCA, the researchers are evaluating a range of unconventional, novel, and still experimental approaches. To achieve safe and effective large-scale solutions, the work addresses the full spectrum of technological, environmental, socio-economic, and governance issues required.

Read the full article on The Mandarin website, co-authored with Prof Eelco Rohling, Prof Justin Borevitz, and Prof Andrew Roberts