Professor William Foley

B. Nat Res (Hons) & PhD (UNE)
ANU College of Science

Bill Foley obtained a B. Nat Res (Hons) in 1985 (UNE) and worked for several years in water and land management in the NT and in Finland. While traveling in Congo he saw some monkeys eating “poisonous plants” and abandoned water for the trees by way of a PhD in nutritional ecology of leaf eating marsupials back at UNE. Postdocs in Israel (lizards), French Guiana (sloths) and Monash (marsupials) preceded a lecturing position at James Cook University in 1990. He moved to ANU in 1997 and has continued work on interactions between poisonous plants and animals with a very wide focus including animal ecology and physiology, chemical ecology, remote sensing and population & molecular genetics. He is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Chemical Ecology and Chemoecology.