Professor Rod Boswell

BSc (Adelaide), B.Sc Honours (IIA) Adelaide, PhD Flinders University
Professor, Research School of Physics & Engineering

Rod Boswell is a Professor in the Research School of Physics and Engineering. During the past two years he has given many invited lectures in the USA, Europe and Asia . Rod is an Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society, the Australian Academy of Technologiccal Sciences, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the Australian Academy of Sciences. Rod has had over 220 papers published in major international journals including Nature and Physical Review Letters.Rod is the Deputy Editor of Physics of Plasmas and a reviewer and adjudicator for another 10 journals.

Research interests

  • Basic plasma physics and  its application to technology and space. In particular:
  • Non-linear processes in plasmas leading to anomalous  diffusion
  • Instabilities
  • High beta  plasmas in the laboratory and astrophysics
  • Plasma functionalisation of surfaces for electronics and optics
  • Plasma etching
  • Plasma deposition
  • Plasma processing of soft materials, polymers etc.
  • Plasma fabrication of PEM fuel cells
  • Development of plasma thrusters for space applications
  • Atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasmas


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