Professor Nick Birbilis

BEng1 (Monash), PhD (Monash)
Deputy Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Nick Birbilis is materials engineer, with broad experience in electrochemical materials science. His research has focused on several aspects of electrochemistry, including energy storage, batteries, and the durability of materials in both aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes. He works on primary and secondary batteries, including potential post-Li technology, such as Mg-batteries. He is a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society (USA) and NACE (USA).

The interaction of hydrogen with materials is an area of ongoing research for Nick. Hydrogen influences the materials with which it interacts, and the materials used to store it. Understanding the interaction of hydrogen (in all forms) with materials is a key factor in harnessing a hydrogen fuelled future.

Nick was the Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Monash University, prior to joining ANU as the Deputy Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science.