Luise Kazda

Research Fellow, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health

Luise is part of the Healthy Environments And Lives (HEAL) Network and conducts research in the area of healthcare sustainability and resilience. She works in the Health System Resilience and Sustainability Theme of HEAL and focusses on researching ways to strengthen resilience of the Australian health system in the face of climate change as well as its preparedness and responsiveness to changing environmental conditions and reducing its environmental impact. Other HEAL priorities that influence Luise's research are to protect and improve community health, especially at-risk groups and people in regions and communities disproportionately affected by environmental and climate change, as well as reducing inequities and inequalities within and across communities and generations.

Research interests

  • Health systems resilience
  • Health systems sustainability
  • Climate change and health care
  • Epidemiology