Dr Katharine Grant

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
  • BSc (Hons) Marine Science with French, University of Southampton, UK
  • MSc Earth Sciences, James Cook University, Australia
  • PhD Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Southampton, UK

Research interests

Dr Grant analyses marine sediment cores using a range of analytical techniques (stable carbon & oxygen isotopes in foraminifera, environmental magnetism, scanning XRF) to investigate the following:

  • Plio-Pleistocene sea-level/ice-volume variability (e.g., reconstructing past changes in sea level using Red Sea & Mediterranean sediments, and investigating these changes in the context of other key climate parameters, such as polar temperature and monsoon strength)
  • Mediterranean palaeoceanography and palaeoclimate
  • New approaches to age-model development

Probabilistic records of sea level and sea-level change rates for 0-500 ka BP

Datasheet for graphs (XLSX 420KB)

Top panel: Relative sea level (RSL)

  • x-axis: datasheet column A
  • White line: maximum probability RSL curve (datasheet column B)
  • Pale blue envelope: ±2 standard deviations of the maximum probability RSL curve (datasheet columns C,D)
  • Dark grey envelope: 68% confidence interval for all RSL data (datasheet columns E,F)
  • Pale grey envelope: 95% confidence interval for all RSL data (datasheet columns G,H)

Bottom panel: Rate of sea-level change

  • x-axis: datasheet column J
  • Blue line: maximum probability rates of sea-level change (datasheet column K)
  • Pale grey envelope: ±2 standard deviations of the maximum rates of sea-level change (datasheet columns L,M)


The probabilistic data and chronology shown here are from Grant et al. (2012) [0-150 ky interval] and from Grant et al. (2014) [150-500 ky interval]. These data are based on a 500 ky Red Sea sea-level record which was first published in Rohling et al. (2009). Note that there are slight differences between the 0-150 ky data as published in Grant et al. (2012) and (2014); this is because there will always be some slight variations between successive Monte Carlo-style simulations.


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