Dr Dean Price

BSc(Hons), PhD
Associate Professor, Research School of Biology

Dean Price is a previous recipient of an ARC National Research Fellowship and a Queen Elizabeth II Research Fellowship, both personal awards undertaken in the Research School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Advanced Studies, ANU. He was awarded the positions of IAS Fellow (continuing position) at the Molecular Plant Physiology Group in RSBS in 1993 and later as Senior IAS Fellow in 2002.  RSBS-IAS positions were dissolved in Jan 2009 in the mega-merger of RSBS with BoZo and BaMBi. He is now an Associate Professor in RSB. He is an acknowledged international expert on the molecular and physiological analysis of the CO2 acquisition processes in cyanobacteria and plants.

Research interests

Using molecular engineering techniques to alter metabolism pathways in cyanobacteria for the goal of improving biofuel yield under conditions where species are dependent on natural rates of CO2 acquisition.