Associate Professor Ron Levy

Associate Professor
College of Law

Associate Professor Dr Ron Levy is an interdisciplinary researcher writing on public law and political theory - especially deliberative democratic theory. His recent projects explore referendums in deeply divided societies, Indigenous constitutional reform, environmental constitutionalism and the deliberative dimensions of rights practice. Levy's books include Deliberative Peace Referendums (Oxford University Press, 2021, with Ian O'Flynn and Hoi Kong); The Cambridge Handbook of Deliberative Constitutionalism (Cambridge University Press, 2018, with Hoi Kong, Graeme Orr and Jeff King eds); and The Law of Deliberative Democracy (Routledge, 2016, with Graeme Orr). He has published numerous works on law and political theory, in several countries, including in Public Law, McGill Law Journal, UBC Law Review, UNSW Law Journal, Melbourne University Law Review, Griffith Law Review, Public Law Review, Election Law Journal, Australian Journal of Political Science, Journal of Deliberative Democracy and The Oxford Handbook of Deliberative Democracy.

Levy is the winner of several research awards including grants from the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Australian Research Council. He was a chief investigator on two ARC Discovery Projects: 'The Law of Deliberative Democracy: Theory and Reform' (DP130100706, 2013-2015) bridging research on election law with deliberative democratic theory; and 'Confronting the Devolution Paradox' (DP140102682, 2014-2016) on federalism and political culture.

Levy convenes the International Advisory Panel on Referendums, a global network of scholars providing advice to governments and non-governmental organisations on referendum design and innovation. He also co-convenes the ICON•S Australia/New Zealand Constitutional Theory Group. And he is the Director of the ANU Law School's LLB and JD Programs.

Levy has been a Fellow or Visitor at Cambridge, Yale, UC Berkeley, Stanford, McGill, Hebrew University, Sydney, King's College London and Oxford. He previously worked in the Ministry of the Attorney-General of Ontario, Constitutional Law Branch.

Research interests

Public law and political theory, especially constitutional law, constitutional reform, peacemaking, human rights, the law of political systems, and deliberative democracy

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