Associate Professor Judith Jones

Associate Professor
ANU College of Law

Harnessing her dual background in both science and law, Judith Jones began her research career as an environmental and planning lawyer by focussing on uncertainty, precaution and risk assessment. This included over a decade (1999 – 2014) of service, in different capacities, on federal non-statutory and statutory bodies that provide advice to the Gene Technology Regulator on legal and ethical issues relating to risk assessment and the regulation of gene technology in Australia. Judith has a range of scholarly publications in the areas of environmental impact assessment, risk regulation and precaution. The emphasis in those publications is designing regulation in conditions of scientific and other uncertainty. She is also a member of the ANU Institutional Biosafety Committee.

More recently, Judith’s research has taken a new direction, combining her environmental law research interests with Australian legal history to examine the impact of historical and current landuse practices on Australian soils, water and vegetation. In terms of the colonial era, this research focusses on the impact of colonial property law and culture on landuse practices and consequent environmental degradation. In terms of contemporary agricultural landuse, this research focusses on law and culture relevant to encouraging sustainable landuse practices in regions of high agricultural value.

Current courses

Year Course code Course name
2018 LAWS1201

Class #2519

Foundations of Australian Law
2018 LAWS1201

Class #7496

Foundations of Australian Law
2018 LAWS4215

Class #9128

Environmental Law
2018 LAWS8280

Class #TBC

Biodiversity Law and Policy

Previous courses

Year Course code Course name
2017 LAWS8146

Class #9723

Environmental Landuse Planning Law
2016 LAWS1201

Class #2590

Foundations of Australian Law
2016 LAWS8280

Class #9534

Biodiversity Law and Policy
2017 LAWS4215

Class #1829

Environmental Law

Philosophy & approach

Judith encourages independent self-directed learning in all her courses - both in class and when using self-paced web-based resources. Each course utlises an extensive range of online and web-based resources. These resources reinforce key concepts covered in class.

Based on the preparation that students have done prior to class, Judith also provides ample opportunities for structured class participation in face-to-face teaching.  

Judith is experienced at teaching law to non-lawyers. In these course, where relevant, multi-disciplinary concepts and perspectives are incorporated in course content. These add depth to the concepts covered.

Judith has a research oriented approach to her teaching, having participated in a threshold concepts research project that considered the most effective way to teach legal reasoning to first year law students.