Dr Rabin Basnet

Research Fellow
PV Group, School of Engineering

Dr. Rabin Basnet is a research fellow at the PV Group in the School of Engineering (ANU), specialising in various stages of the silicon photovoltaic (Si-PV) value chain. Recognizing the pivotal role of Si-PV in transforming the global electricity sector towards a sustainable and clean energy future, Dr. Basnet's work focuses on innovative silicon solar technology development to significantly increase the performance of current cell technology.

Dr. Basnet's research includes a wide array of topics, including the assessment of current industrial silicon wafers, the development of TOPCon passivating contacts, and silicon/perovskite tandem technology for high-efficiency silicon solar cells. Additionally, he works on the end-of-life management of silicon PV modules particularly reusing and recycling, ensuring the sustainability of Si-PV technology via circular economy.

Dr. Basnet earned his PhD in 2020 from the ANU and holds an MSc in Renewable Energy Management from the University of Freiburg, Germany, obtained in 2015.

Research interests

  • Silicon PV
  • PV reuse and recycling
  • Sustainable energy source


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