Scientists say some official heatwave advice is based on old wives' tales

A photograph of the setup at Sydney University's Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory
10 January 2021

Imagine it's a typical summer's day and you've just heard predictions temperatures are set to top 45 degrees Celsius in some parts of Australia.

Key points:

  • An academic who studies the best way to cool down says a lot of public health advice about heatwaves is based on old wives' tales
  • Most public health advice in Australia is similar, but some states offer some unusual tips
  • Scientists hope to create evidence-based advice using a new sophisticated climate chamber

You turn down the air conditioner to 18 degrees, sit down with a salad and spend the day sucking on ice blocks.

Well, according to science, none of these things are the best way to cool down in a heatwave, yet they are among the recommendations made by Australia's public health authorities.

That's not to say turning on the air-conditioner is wrong, Professor of Thermoregulatory Physiology Ollie Jay says.

Professor Jay and his team at the University of Sydney study the best ways to cool down.

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