Australia feels the heat on climate targets

A field of solar panels, with a field of wind turbines behind, with a blue sky behind them.
12 December 2020

Pressure is mounting on Australia to do better on climate change. China, Japan, Korea, the EU, the UK, Canada and others have all announced net-zero emissions targets, and the Biden-Harris administration is likely to do so too. Several countries have strengthened their 2030 targets, others will follow suit.

The federal government is walking away from its insistence on using carry-over credits from the 2010-2020 Kyoto periods, but that will not be nearly enough to meet international expectations. Australia will be expected to take on a stronger 2030 emissions target, and to submit a national strategy on how to get to net-zero emissions in the longer term. The first is readily possible, the second is badly needed.

Read the full article on the Australian Financial Review website, authored by Prof Frank Jotzo