Achieving Indonesia’s Nationally Determined Contributions to climate change mitigation

Indonesia has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 29 per cent in 2030. This looks ambitious, yet manageable since the Paris Agreement has been ratified and Indonesia is committed to realise its target through its political and technical efforts.

The establishment of a Directorate General of Climate Change within the Ministry of Environment and Forestry is one of the national commitments to achieve this. Other measures both at national and sub-national level have also been prepared or finalised. However, several internal and external constraints may be faced by Indonesia in accomplishing its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and these need to be addressed as part of the political process. Hence, the role of scientific information to support the decision-making process is important.

In this seminar, Dr Henry Bastaman will explain how Indonesia is now moving forward to realise its NDCs and how research and development could support the effort.

Dr Henry Bastaman is the Director General of Forestry and Environmental Research, Development and Innovation Agency, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia. He leads the implementation of sustainable consumption and production development across sectors and within the partnership of government, business and civil society in synergy with the development of the Green Economy/Low Carbon Economy in Indonesia. He holds MA and PhD degrees in Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto, Canada.