Climate Essentials for Farmers Workshop

Online course, 11am-4 pm (AEST) on 31 May 2023


Climate change is already affecting farmers and rural communities throughout Australia, with 2016 and 2020 tied as the hottest years on record at 1.2°C above pre-industrial times. Australia has experienced changes in extreme weather, with more frequent and intense heatwaves, storms, flooding and bushfires. Government departments, private organisations and community groups are planning, developing and implementing strategies to address current and projected changes to our climate.

In collaboration with Farmers for Climate Action, the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions has developed this Climate Essentials for Farmers Workshop – a professional short course designed for farmers who want a rapid overview and discussion with researchers on the latest developments around climate change and farming. The workshop covers the science of climate change, adaptation options in agriculture, and policy responses across farming sectors.

The workshop brings together leading climate researchers from across the ANU to discuss the need for going beyond incremental thinking to find transformative solutions for climate change with the farming sectors of Australia.


The workshop will provide a summary of the latest climate science, followed by a brief overview of carbon accounting and removal in farming landscapes, climate adaptation options within Australian agriculture, renewable energy in agriculture (focussing on agrivoltaics), drought resilience at farm, community and regional scales, and the psychology of communicating climate change. The workshop is tailored to consider the decisions faced by Australian farmers and regional communities within local, regional and international climate change contexts.


  • Introduction and welcome
  • Understanding greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and climate extremes (30 min) - Professor Mark Howden, ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions
  • Carbon in farming landscapes (30 min) – Caitlyn Baljak, ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions
  • Adaptation options within Australian agriculture - Dr Steven Crimp, ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions
  • Renewable energy in agriculture – Angus Dunne, ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society, and Mulloon Institute
  • Enhancing drought resilience at farm, community and regional scales - Professor David Phelps, James Cook University, and TNQ Drought Hub
  • Communicating climate change - Dr Bec Colvin, ANU Crawford School of Public Policy.

More information on the Program is provided via the Farmers for Climate Action webpage. A detailed Program and optional pre-reading materials will be provided to participants before the course begins.


  • The workshop is delivered online, in real time. The classroom weblink and additional workshop details will be provided to participants approximately 1 week before the course begins.
  • The workshop covers a snapshot summary of six broad topics grouped into three sessions (2 lectures per session). Directly following each session is 15-minute Q&A, where participants can discuss the topics presented with the two lecturers, and then a 15-minute break.
  • Course timings 11.00am – 4.00pm.

Who should attend?

This course has been designed for Australian farmers who want to gain an overview of the latest climate research, the impacts of climate change on farming sectors, and policy responses in terms of both mitigation and adaptation. It is expected that participants will come from a range of different sectors and workshop attendees are encouraged to share their diverse perspectives.

Important information

  • Full price – no cost (but participation is by invitation via Farmers for Climate Action).
  • To express your interest in this workshop, click on the link at the top of this page.
  • Registrations close Sunday 28 May 2023.


For questions about registration: Ellen Litchfield at 

For questions about course content: Rachel England at