Climate, energy, water, food, forestry, biodiversity & land nexus

Food, energy, environment, biodiversity and water are critical systems to both people, ecosystems and landscapes. Too often decisions are made in one domain without consideration of the effects in another. This narrow focus imposes costs and risks on all, but especially on the vulnerable in poor countries and on biodiversity. ANU researchers have been working on better cross-sectoral management of this nexus for many years.

ANU hosts the secretariat for the global Food, Energy, Environment and Water Network (FE2W network). The FE2W Network works with decision-makers to improve the understanding of systemic risks and how to manage shocks across these systems. ANU also hosts and funds Sustainable Farms, a five-year project that aims to translate 20 years of ecologically focused farming research into tools that farmers can use to better manage their farm's natural capital assets.

This research theme encapsulates biodiversity, forestry and fires. Caring for our ecosystems and conserving biodiversity threatened by climate change and other environmental stress factors such as land clearing is a challenge facing land managers and policy-makers throughout the world. Fires contribute greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and therefore have an effect on global warming. The effect of global warming on the fires themselves is also an important research area.

Researchers in this theme are housed throughout ANU, including in the Fenner School of Environment & Society, Research School of Biology, Crawford School of Public Policy.