Raktima Dey

PhD Scholar
Fenner School of Environment & Society


M.Sc. in Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences (IIT Bhubaneswar); B.Sc. (Mathematics)


Raktima Dey completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics (Hons) from Kalyani University, India. She has a strong interest in weather/climate modelling. Later she pursued Master of Science in Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences from Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar.Her work on Indian summer monsoon focused on evaluating the performance of YOTC datasets at a very high resolution in two contrasting Indian summer monsoon years and diagnosing the underlying mechanisms. currently, Raktima is pursuing doctoral research under the supervision of Dr. Sophie Lewis and Dr. Nerilie Abram.

Research interests

Thesis title

Variability of extreme rainfall events over last 100 years: Role of anthropogenic forcings and underlying mechanism.

Thesis description

Establishing the reason behind extreme rainfall or temperature events can be challenging as it includes both natural variability (ENSO), and anthropogenic activities(change of constituents of atmosphere, land use changes). This study aims to examine variability of Australia's hydrological cycle with recent observation available and climate model simulations. This study includes analysis of various atmospheric parameters to find out the triggering mechanism along with climate and anthropogenic forcings.