Mara Hammerle

PhD Candidate, Crawford School of Public Policy
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Mara started a PhD in Economics at the Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, in July 2019. Her primary supervisor is Dr Paul Burke (Crawford School), and her associate supervisors are Professor Frank Jotzo (Crawford School), Dr Lee White (REGNET) and Dr Rohan Best (Macquarie University). Her research interests are in the economics of household energy consumption, microgeneration by households, and energy poverty. As part of her PhD, she is working with government departments and industry to assess the impacts of the Australian Capital Territory’s Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme for households. 

Mara has worked at universities since 2014, including at Macquarie University, the University of Sydney and the ANU. At these universities, she worked on several Economics research projects. She is currently a research assistant for Dr Rohan Best who specialises in energy and environmental economics. Mara also has extensive experience tutoring undergraduate students at all levels and has worked as a head tutor for several units.