Ksenia Bestuzheva

Thesis title: Global Optimisation for Energy Systems

The goal of Ksenia’s PhD project is to develop reliable optimisation algorithms for energy-related problems. Non-convex nature of the physical laws governing the functioning of power networks and the existence of discrete elements in the models create the need for methods that can guarantee global optimality in the presence of non-convexities. This problem is tackled by improving convexification techniques and searching for sufficient conditions for global optimality.

Prior to commencing her PhD, Ksenia completed a Bachelor with Honors degree at State Management University in Moscow. Since 2012 she has been a contributor to ASCEND, open-source software for mathematical modelling, and has participated in Google Summer of Code projects both as a student and a mentor. Ksenia’s Honors thesis focused on modelling hybrid discrete-continuous dynamic systems in ASCEND.