Chacko Thomas

PhD Scholar
School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet)

Chacko is an experienced consultant and researcher in the field of energy systems, climate change regulation and policy, and carbon markets.

He has over a decade of experience, providing consulting services in a wide range of sectors including mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, commercial buildings, and local, state and federal government departments.

Chacko started as an Electrical Engineer, and pursued his interest in energy and environment and completed a Masters in Energy Studies and Environmental Law.

Research interests

Thesis topic

Can the collective be used to solve the tragedy of the commons?

Chacko’s doctoral research lies at the intersection of ‘complexity science’ and environmental regulation. In the emerging reality of the Internet of Things (IoT), Chacko seeks to understand how environmental policy and regulation can be adapted to meet the needs and challenges of a rapidly evolving technological landscape. As part of his PhD candidature, Chacko aims to determine how legal frameworks will have to be re-conceptualised in the ‘age of complexity’.