Professor Tom Kompas

PhD (University of Toronto)
Director, Crawford School of Economics & Government
Director, Australian Centre for Biosecurity &
Environmental Economics
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Tom Kompas' research specialises in economic dynamics, agricultural economics and natural resource and environmental economics. His bioeconomic modelling and biosecurity research has been published in the world's leading international journals (including Science,Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Conservation Biology), and his current work focuses on the major biosecurity issues in Australia and internationally. In 2009, Tom received the 'CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement', in 2004, the 'Crawford Award for Research Excellence' from ABARE, and in 2011 the 'Eureka Prize for Water Research and Innovation'.

In 2009, Tom was a recipient of the University's highest award for teaching, the 2009 'Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching'. In 2008, Tom also received the 'Award for Teaching Excellence' from ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, and in 2010 he received a national teaching award, the Australian Learning and Teaching Council 'Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning'. He teaches Masters MicroeconomicsApplied Economic Dynamics, and a component of the School's flagship course, Government, Markets and Global Change. Tom is currently a Board Member of the Australian National Institute of Public Policy, the Cairns Institute, the Crawford School of Economics and Government and the Victoria University of Wellington School of Government. He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Toronto in 1990.

Research interests

  • bioeconomic modelling
  • economic dynamics and optimal control theory
  • agricultural economics
  • natural resources and environmental economics
  • cost-benefit analysis