Professor Geoffrey Hope

BSc (Hons), MSc (Melb), PhD (ANU), DSc (Melb)
Research Fellow
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Educated in Canberra and Melbourne, I have been based at ANU since 1978, lecturing in Geography before moving to a research position in RSPAS in 1990. As an environmental historian I work on the interface between human activity and the environment with a mix of archaeologists, biogeographers and geoscientists.

My career highlights include: Board Member, BIOME6000 Climate model intercomparison project 1996-present; Head, Department of Geography ANU (1987-89), Department of Archaeology and Natural History 1998-2003; President, Australian Quaternary Association; Invited lecturer in 2006 to an International Institute of Asian Studies Masterclass 'Paleo-environments and environmental change in Asia'. May 2003-present Member, peatland advisory committee, NSW National Parks and Wildlife (DCC) and Carruthers group (Alpine Land Management). Partner for compilation of peatland data in Papua New Guinea to support the prediction of carbon storage and GHG emission of tropical peatlands in 'Vulnerabilities of the Carbon Climate System'. Editor for the Journal of Peatlands Research.