Prof Denise Ferris

Professor, Head of School
School of Art & Design

Present ANU Appointment
2017 Professor, School of Art & Design

Academic Qualifications
2008 Doctor of Creative Arts (Research), Humanities & Social Sciences, UTS, Sydney
1985 Graduate Diploma, Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts

Research interests

Current Research

The absent narratives of the 1860's Chinese miners of Kiandra, a visual and textual interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary project with history, archaeology, visual arts and museum practice

Main Research Interests: Visual

Photographic representation of the non-heroic sublime focused on affect, environmental change, aesthetics and place in a site-specific landscape of human intervention

The visual articulation of ideas realised through 'alternative', non-silver, photographic techniques e.g. milk/casein printing with sunlight

Main Research Interests: Writing

Examining maternal representations and photographic representation of childhood. Loss, erasure and social responses to climate change and their representation in photography.

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