Dr Zainul Abdin

Lecturer and ZCEAP Grand Challenge Fellow
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science

I have completed my Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from Monash University, Australia and the University of British Columbia, Canada, respectively; the research encompassed hydrogen microgrids, hydrogen storage for off-grid electricity supply, and computer modelling of all aspects of renewable energy systems from the device to the enterprise level. I have finished my PhD in Engineering Physics at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. The thesis focuses on modelling the principal components of hybrid energy systems that include energy storage in the form of hydrogen. Before my PhD, I worked for two years as a research assistant at the University of Malaya, on heat transfer fluids, specifically Nanofluid and IoNanofluid for solar thermal collectors. Before that, I worked for a telecommunications company, Telenor, as a senior manager and actively involved with research and development team for five years. I was a lecturer at university for two years, my very first job, where I taught primarily Fundamental of Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Solid-state Physics, and Digital electronics.

Research interests

I have a strong commitment to, and interest in clean and hydrogen energy technologies; especially generation, system integration, and improved energy security and decarbonised world economy:

  • Clean and hydrogen energy technologies.
  • Hydrogen value chain - generation to end-use.
  • Smart energy systems.
  • Energy storage.
  • Advanced physics-based modelling and simulation.
  • Techno-economic, sustainability and reliability analysis.