Dr Rebecca Shellock

Postdoctoral Fellow
College of Science

Dr Rebecca Shellock is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Centre for Public Awareness of Science (CPAS). Rebecca is a Marine Social Scientist and her research encompasses a range of topics including:

  • Gender in marine science;
  • Ocean Literacy;
  • Marine Governance;
  • Marine Protected Areas;
  • The well-being benefits provided by marine and coastal environments;
  • The valuation of marine and coastal environments;
  • Ecosystem Services;
  • Marine Planning and management

Rebecca has experience of working at the Science-Policy Interface, during her time as a Marine Social Scientist for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (UK Government). During this time, she developed and a delivered a portfolio of research to build a robust social science evidence base for marine and coastal policy (e.g. Highly Protected Marine Areas).

Rebecca is also a member of the UK's Ocean Literacy Working Group and the Royal Geographical Society Coastal and Marine Research Group.

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