Dr Matthew Brookhouse

Senior Lecturer
Fenner School of Environment & Society

I completed a BSc(Forestry) Hons. at ANU in 1997 and returned to the ANU in 2003 after six years designing and implementing growth and yield studies, and forest inventory protocols in Victoria's commercial native forests.

After receiving my PhD (2008) and two postdoctoral research projects focussed the use of forest structural complexity for landscape planning and dendrochronological reconstrcution of river flow in Victoria, I accepted a position as Lecturer in Ecological Modelling and Measurement at the Fenner School of Environment and Society. In 2012 I commenced a dual appointment between the Research School of Biology (Farquhar lab) and Fenner School and undertook research aimed at understanding water use in regenerating mountain ash forests and [CO2] responsiveness in commercial forest species.

In 2018 I was permanently appointed as a Senior Lecturer in the Fenner School. I currently teach first-year research methods, with a specific focus upon helping students make the important connection between the theory of inferential statistics and their application. I am continuing to explore the genotype-by-[CO2] interactions in eucalypt species and have ongoing dendrochronological, and silvicultural research interests. I am also leading collaborative research efforts focussed on understanding wood-borer induced dieback of snow-gum woodland in the Australian Alps.

Research interests

  • Plant physiology
  • Sub-alpine ecology
  • Dendrochronology
  • e[CO2] responsiveness
  • Stable isotopes


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