Dr Hongjun Chen

PhD, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chines Academy of Science, BSc, MSc, Henan Normal University; China
Research Fellow

Hongjun Chen received his PhD degree from Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2008. Before joining ANU in 2016, he has worked at four international universities (Technical University of Dresden, Cornell University, Münster University and The University of Queensland) for eight years. He has been awarded prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship in 2008 and competitive UQ Postdoc Research Fellowship in 2012, respectively. His research interest focuses on the design and development of low-cost material and system to achieve high-efficient renewable fuels production via electrochemical and photoelectrochemical methods.

Research interests

  • Development of earth-abundant and high-efficient catalysts and photoelectrodes;

  • Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical water splitting for Hydrogen production; and

  • Solar-to-fuel based energy storage and transformation.