Dr Astrid Vachette

Research Fellow, ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions

I am a political ecologist and research fellow at the Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions at the ANU. My current work examines how Nature-based Solutions could be efficiently integrated in Australian Councils flood mitigation strategies. I am interested in both research and teaching on the social and political drivers of resilience building in a changing environment. I also have extensive professional experience in disaster preparedness, response and recovery. I have worked with colleagues across human geography, environmental science, meteorology, anthropology, economic, sociology and political science, as well as with disaster managers, policy makers and remote communities in the South Pacific and Australia. I am now particularly interested in exploring how to better integrate social psychology and environmental psychology in non-psychology research on resilience. This work aims to better understand how to change attitudes and behaviours towards disaster risks and climate change, and to apply the do-no-harm approach to research on disaster risks and climate change.


Research interests

Disaster Risk Mitigation, Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery, Emergency Management

Disasters and climate change: knowledge, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours

Social and political change

Sustainable use of resources to build resilience in small communities

The role of networks and relationships in building resilience

Mental health and disaster risks/climate change