Yaya Ulumuddin

PhD Scholar
Fenner School of Environment & Society

Yaya is Indonesian young researcher, working for Research Center for Oceanography, Indonesian Institute of Sciences.  Since his background is forest ecology, his research interest is in mangrove ecosystems, including botany, ecology, and hydrology.  He is interested in forest ecology and management, carbon stock and cycle, Landscape ecology, Remote Sensing on Coastal Ecosystem, Interrelationship of Mangrove Forests and Marine Biota, and Physical and biological process in mangrove ecosystem.

Previously, He had an experience in the Center for Remote Sensing, Bandung Institute of Technology. He supported the researchers in handling several satellite and other spatial data.  For his master degree, he was doing in water budget analysis in a catchment having land use change from tropical rain forests to oil palm plantation.

At the moment, he is doing PhD in Fenner School of Environment and Society. His research topic is under the issue of climate change, particularly on the greenhouse gases emissions.  His concern is in methane emissions from mangrove soils, looking at the microbial processes of methane production, methane precursors, and gas exchange between soil and atmosphere through plant tissue.

Research interests

Thesis title

The sources of methanogenic substrates, methanogenesis pathways, and plant-mediated ethane emissions in estuarine mangrove ecosystems

Thesis description

This research project will look at the microbial process in methane production, the sources of substrates utilized by microbes, and how mangrove trees facilitate in methane egress from soils to atmosphere. These will help to assess the contribution of mangrove ecosystems into methane emissions. This also will be the part of consideration in Blue carbon measurement.